I have been dealing with a flooding issue in my basement for a few years. Would only get bad if it was a terrible rain. Or when the snow would start to melt. I have older drain tile system and thought I would need to spend a few grans to get a sump pump installed. Paul. Simply found a clogged drain and the water went flowing! There is no way to express how much of a relief this was and how happy this made me!! Now I wait for next big rain and fingers crossed it was the entire issue. Amazing!!! Will be back for more service. Thanks!!!


PJK installed drain tile in my yard yesterday. They were here early, worked hard all day and did a professional job. They finished the job and left property as clean as when they started.

Very satisfied, thanks to Paul and crew.


They waste no time to get to you, to help you resolve your issues quickly. Very thorough job.


I needed to have a section of drain tile replaced in my front yard. Paul came out to give me a very reasonable quote. His crew were friendly, professional, and walked me through what they had done, which included putting grass seed down. I couldn’t be more pleased with the work they did & would most definitely recommend them.


The guys did a great job putting drainage in our backyard! No mess, in and out in a day and they even put down grass seed. I would definitely recommend PJK Construction!


Paul and the crew at PJK have helped us with drainage issues at both our current house and the last one. The last house had the sump pump illegally discharging into the cleanout of the raw sewage line in the basement floor. They capped that off, redirected the pipe out the side of the house, trenched it under the front lawn (and sidewalk), then tapped into the storm sewer. Our new house had 3 downspouts and the sump pump discharging onto the lawn on the side of the house. Again, the crew tied in all the lines to a 4 inch PVC line buried under the front lawn and to the storm sewer. They also installed 2 surface collectors at the grass level to drain any standing water in that lower area. Other than a few torrential downpours this past summer, we haven’t had any issues on that side of the house.

They don’t require a deposit, are insured, and you only pay when you’re completely satisfied. The filling in of dirt and reseeding those areas that were dug up is also a nice bonus.”