Draining Wet Basements, Wet Yards, & More in Buffalo, NY Through Proper Basement Waterproofing & Foundation Repair
When spring comes after a heavy winter, snow can melt excessively, causing basement and yard flooding. If your home has been affected by excessive water damage, contact PJK Construction in Buffalo, NY. We provide wet basement repair, yard drainage, and basement waterproofing services for the greater Buffalo, NY area.

Having a team that you can trust when you schedule a basement waterproofing or foundation repair service can make all the difference. Our company has years of experience dealing with minor basement flooding, to extreme circumstances, therefore regardless of how much damage you experience, we can help.

In addition to our proficiency with waterproofing and wet yards, we provide top-notch construction services like foundation repairs and installation of sump pump systems. After a heavy storm, your foundation may need to be repaired, as well as your sump pump system. Don’t wait too long to call for repairs before your home suffers any more damage. Call PJK Construction today!